Tax returns (personal and business)

By offering the right advice at the right time, we help our clients optimise their income and take the hassle away from tax returns. Whatever your circumstances, our ‘not just business as usual’ approach means that we work with you to understand your situation, optimise your tax relief and help you sleep easy at night knowing it is all under control. Contact us for more information.


Most new business owners have a strong business idea and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit but need an accountant to look after the legal, compliance and financial aspects of the formation and running of their business. We can help you with this, as well as offering vital advice on a range of business-critical topics, such as:

  • A structure for the business that will best suit your financial and growth plans
  • Financial planning, including cash flow and projections
  • Arranging finance
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Bookkeeping support and getting the right processes into your business from the start
  • Business advice

We have a wealth of experience in helping start ups succeed so please do call for a chat about how we can help you. And take a look at our business growth guide for a wealth of practical tools and information to help you grow your business. You can download it for free here.

Sole traders

Owning a business as a sole trader can be the simplest way to run your enterprise, as you are self-employed. But even as a sole trader you still have to comply with financial regulations and it is essential you have the right accountant in place to help you with managing and planning your finances, as well as things such as compliance and  understanding how to grow your business. We work with sole traders in many disciplines to help them do just this.

Limited companies

A limited company, where the owner or owners have no personal liability for any financial losses made by their business, needs an accountant where it is not just business as usual. As well as all the standard financial regulations and compliance, we work with our limited company clients on a range of services and strive to give positive, practical insights to help them run their business effectively. These include:

  • A full accountancy service to help you stay on top of your numbers at all times, alongside practical business planning to help you grow
  • Tax and VAT planning, returns and compliance so you always know your liability and are never surprised by your next tax bill
  • Dividend strategy to optimise your tax position and use your dividend allowance smartly
  • Payroll, NI and stakeholder pension set up and management, giving you peace of mind the right systems are in place
  • Financing options should you need it, bringing our extensive experience to bear in this area to help you secure the right funding at the right time

If you are considering setting up a limited company, or already are limited and are looking for an accountant to give you the right advice to help you grow your business, contact us for a chat today.


There are two types of partnership. A Limited Liability Partnership can benefit from risk reduction offered to  limited companies and some of the flexibilities of being a sole trader. The second type is a standard partnership which in the eyes of the law, is a collection of sole traders. We work with partnerships on a range of accounting services, helping them all with practical insights that best suit their business needs, including:

  • Accounting services, including tax returns, planning and compliance, that take the hassle out of running the finances for you
  • Business planning and budgeting to give you confidence to grow your business.
  • VAT compliance and returns, helping you to manage your VAT liabilities effectively


If you receive income from letting a property (even if it does not make a profit) you are obliged to declare this to HMRC. The tax regulations are becoming more stringent and need careful managing. It is also important to understand the relevant legislation and compliance issues involved with being a landlord. We work with many landlords to help them do just that, so please do get in touch to see how we can help you manage your rental finances effectively.

Inheritance tax and Trusts

We have much experience in helping with inheritance tax and trusts, from initial set up to the relevant accounting service required and they can be one of the most tax efficient ways to maximise the amount received by beneficiaries. With inheritance tax currently being a 40% tax on estates in excess of £325,000, we use our financial skill meticulous knowledge of the tax regime in this area to help our clients reduce their tax liability as much as is legally possible. Please contact us to talk through your requirements.