A limited company, where the owner or owners have no personal liability for any financial losses made by their business, needs an accountant where it is not just business as usual. As well as all the standard financial regulations and compliance, we work with our limited company clients on a range of services and strive to give positive, practical insights to help them run their business effectively. These include:

  • A full accountancy service to help you stay on top of your numbers at all times, alongside practical business planning to help you grow
  • Tax and VAT planning, returns and compliance so you always know your liability and are never surprised by your next tax bill
  • Dividend strategy to optimise your tax position and use your dividend allowance smartly
  • Payroll, NI and stakeholder pension set up and management, giving you peace of mind the right systems are in place
  • Financing options should you need it, bringing our extensive experience to bear in this area to help you secure the right funding at the right time

If you are considering setting up a limited company, or already own a limited company and are looking for an accountant to give you the right advice to help you grow your business, contact us for a chat today.