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Ready to flourish with our new Business Growth Guide Featured

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Are you confused by cash flow? Have you got a handle on taxes? Do you know your brand from your vision?

During the first few years of trading, it can be a massive learning curve getting to grips with the fundamentals of running a business. That’s why we’ve put together a Business Growth Guide in partnership with The Business Allotment, to set out the foundations for growth to help get your business on the right track.

This practical guide includes information about your brand, products and marketing as well as financial essentials on aspects such as budget, cash flow, tax and VAT.

Although it’s an essential guide for start-ups, it’s handy for any stage of your business when you want to re-focus and plan the next stage of growth.

Paul Garrod, owner of Garrod Beckett said: “People often launch into starting a business without some of the fundamentals in place and it can really come back to bite them further down the line. Loads of businesses fall by the wayside in those early stages because they haven’t covered the basics.

“There’s a huge amount to learn when you first set up, and some of the jargon around business, particularly finance, can be scary and off-putting. We frequently come across business owners who have been trading for years who don’t understand some of these terms. So, we wanted to offer a simple guide to start you off on the right foot, with practical steps you can take to start and grow your business on solid foundations.”

Jodie Newman, co-owner of The Business Allotment, agrees. “We work with so many businesses who don’t make the most of their brand, or don’t have any insight into the customers they have versus the customers they want – these are all basic strategic building blocks that need to be in place for the business to grow.”

Running alongside the guide is our Business Equation Calculator which helps you to quickly and simply keep track of your finances. It calculates your current profit and loss, and helps you budget for the future by seeing the impact of different levels of sales and overheads on profits.

Using the tool might alert you to a potential cash flow problem, so you can put measures in place to prevent any issues with paying staff or suppliers. Equally, it can highlight opportunities to expand your business which you could explore.

The guide is available for any business to download from our website.

It’s essential to get good advice from the start, so if you would like a jargon-free conversation about starting or growing your business, please get in touch.


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