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Here are Garrod Beckett we know that running a business and being in control of your finances and accountants at all times can be challenging. Sometimes, you just have the need to ask a quick question but it can be difficult to trust online sources or know who to ask.

We are accountants born from business; we have been where you are and we know the frustration of needing an answer to these questions. Which is why we have set up our Consult the Consultant service. On this page, you can submit your finance-related question – anything from ‘can I claim these boots as work wear?’ to ‘Should I be a limited company or a partnership?’.

One of our experts will help you. They will email their answer back to you or point you in the right direction of a trusted resource where you can find your answer, and if requires a more complex response, we will provide as much information as possible to help.

So, have you got a question about your finances or accounting? Simply click on this link and you can consult a consultant from Garrod Beckett. With us, it is not just business as usual.


Please note that responses will be given within 4 working days. The information contained in the responses is for information purposes only. The information provided is not intended as advice and is not intended to be relied upon by users in taking or refraining from taking any actions. Professional advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from taking any action, as a result of the information provided.