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Want to pay-off your student loan in full?

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Tax on a private pension you inherit

14/05/2019 – Private pensions can be an efficient way to pass on wealth, but it is important to consider what, if any, tax will be … More...

CGT and chattels

14/05/2019 – A charge to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) usually arises after an asset is sold. However, there are special rules concerning … More...


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Garrod Beckett and Company Ltd (GB) was formed by Paul Garrod, who has extensive UK and international commercial and professional experience, and was founded as a result of his dealings with professional accountants when he was Chief Financial Officer of well known companies.
GB is a focused firm of Chartered Accountants which was established to work with and assist Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME’s) dealing with their financial, fiscal, compliance, taxation and related matters. GB is a friendly and professional company and we base our work on a knowledge and understanding of our clients.

SME’s are recognised to be the dynamo of U.K. commerce and all Governments encourage Entrepreneurs but all Governments levy penalties and interest for noncompliance with laws and regulations. Our ethic is to work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with existing regulations and changes to them together with effective tax and financial planning.

When HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) makes an estimated assessment of tax payable the tax payer is obliged to pay or prove it is not payable – we help our clients to get the right estimate in the first place and deal with situations where the HMRC assessment is wrong.

GB recognises that not all businesses have the knowledge and skills to cover the issues arising from VAT, payrolls (with the complications of PAYE), automatic pension enrolment, employers and employees National Insurance, personal and business tax compliance. We can help with all of these issues and also help develop plans to strengthen and grow your business and will work with you to provide the level of support you need.

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10 Town Quay Wharf,
Abbey Road
IG11 7BZ

0208 591 2391


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